Threats (Review)

“You lose everything you love in the order in which you love it.” Amelia Gray’s novel Threats is as unnerving and threatening as the title suggests. Threats is like a strange and uneven puzzle where you find a new piece when you didn’t know you were missing any. As information is revealed, falsified, reconsidered and reformulated, we readjust as readers within short spans of time and space. A basic synopsis: … Continue reading Threats (Review)

Review: Her Body and Other Parties

I have heard all the stories about girls like me, and I am unafraid to make more of them… If I had to summarize Carmen Maria Machado’s debut collection in one word, it would be haunting. I’ve never read anything like most of these stories, which is really exciting as a big reader (my fellow big readers can attest to this feeling). Her stories are imaginative and … Continue reading Review: Her Body and Other Parties

2 poems at Rejected McSweeney’s

My friend Jess started an amazing project called Rejected McSweeney’s Lists. They only accept work that has been widely rejected by other journals, which means that some quirky and unlikely pieces get to see the light of day that would otherwise return to the bottom of the sock drawer. Two of my pieces “witching” (written in the doctor’s waiting room) and “Alfred’s Body” (T. S. Elliot … Continue reading 2 poems at Rejected McSweeney’s