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Chapbooks/Solo works:

  • Ladybird, Ladybird Anstruther Press (chapbook, 2018)
  • Collective Nouns for Birds, published through Loft on 8th Press, 2017 (chapbook, 2017)
  • “Occult” and “Luster,” The Blasted Tree (leaflet, 2017)


  • “Of Werewolves and Men: On Lycanthropy and the #MeToo Movement” Honey & Lime (forthcoming)
  • “Jeanette Winterson: the finding place” The Many Gendered Mothers (forthcoming)
  • “Taxidermy for Dummies” The Feathertale Review issue 21 (forthcoming)
  • “Animal Mesmerism” and “Conduits” Train: a poetry journal (forthcoming)
  • “The fox changes his fur” Paperplates (forthcoming)
  • “Recipes in a dead language” and “Flannery” Contemporary Verse 2 (forthcoming)
  • “Rosa Alchymist” Literary Orphans (forthcoming)
  • “We don’t know what happened to the hikers” Door is A Jar (forthcoming)


  • “To Spot a Fox” Vamp Cat Magazine (forthcoming)
  • “Homebodies” Trouble Among the Stars (forthcoming)
  • “Tesserae” Geez Issue 50 (forthcoming)
  • “Kites” Filling Station issue #69 (forthcoming)
  • “Nectar and Nickel” In/Words 18.1 (forthcoming)
  • “Fragments” Cauldron Anthology (forthcoming)
  • “Girls reading in red coats” Flypaper (forthcoming)
  • “The Brief Reincarnation of Mary Webster on the Amtrak from Boston to New York” Big Smoke (forthcoming)
  • “Spells for a Husband” and “Clamour” Pussy Magic (forthcoming)
  • “Hair: An Elegy” Boned: a collection of skeletal writings (forthcoming)
  • “Good Mothers” and “The Wasting Sickness” talking about strawberries all of the time (forthcoming)
  • “Wisteria” Persephone’s Daughters (forthcoming)
  • “Insomuch” EVENT
  • “Tarantella” “In the Wych Elm” “Mary Mary” Vessel Press (forthcoming)
  • Review: This Will Be Good (Mallory Tater), Shameless Magazine (forthcoming)
  • Poet/Artist pairing project through the People’s Poetry Fest, October 2018
  • “Waxwings” Room Magazine 41.2
  • “Hemlock” Spilt Milk
  • “Wintering,” Frontier
  • “Home Burial,” Release Any Words Stuck Inside of You, an Untethered Collection of Shorts
  • My Small Press Writing Day
  • “Sickle” and “For Agnes,” Black Dog Review
  • “Night Apparition” and “Fragments” Awkward Mermaid
  • “Lady Grey” The Anti-Languorous Project Issue 2
  • “Swell,” 1st place, Brainstorm Poetry Contest 2018
  • “Clove,” runner up, Brainstorm Poetry Contest 2018
  • “Housekeeping,” “Intrude,” and “Luna,” The Anti-Languorous Project
  • “Are you paying attention? The Antigonish Review
  • “Gwen Stacy” Augur Magazine Issue 1.1
  • “Vegetate” Clockwise Cat
  • “Witching” and “Alfred’s Body,” Rejected McSweeney’s
  • “Letter Enclosed” Blanket Sea
  • “Unfolding” and “Briar” The Warren
  • “#MeToo: Take Back the Net,” Shameless Magazine: DIY Issue

Painting: Foxgloves by Nikolai Astrup



*Photos from the “Catalogue of the Lepidoptera Phalænæ in the British museum” (1898)

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