Preorder I know something you don’t know

My poetry collection is available for preorder from Gordon Hill Press! Even though it won’t be released until spring 2020, preorders matter so much because they show that there is interest in a title. You can preorder here. You can also preorder a Spring 2020 season bundle. You’ll get Matthew Tomkinson & Geoffrey Morrison’s Archaic Torso of Gumby, Amy LeBlanc’s  I know something you don’t know, and Mike Chaulk’s Night Lunch, all for just $50.

Amy LeBlanc’s debut poetry collection, I know something you don’t know, resides in the intersection of folklore and femininity. With fairy-tale lucidity and fluid voice, the poems in this collection weave through the seams between story and fact. This debut collection is alluring and noxious like hemlock, foxglove, and blooming wildflowers.

Back cover copy

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